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Re: [IP] College Students..I need your input

   As the mother of a high school junior who will be going off to college in 
2 too-short years, I applaud your interest in starting this group. Melissa 
and her CDE are in the midst of starting a local "support group" for 12-18 
year olds in our area (suburban Phila). The tentative name is "Teens in 
Control" and the first session's topic will be about those annoying 
people/aka "Parents", and their constant "hovering" & "questioning"!! Because 
of a very hectic fall schedule, looks like the first meeting won't occur 
until early November at 5:30 on a Sunday night. They'll supply a pizza dinner 
& just sit around and discuss "issues", "solutions", etc. for living their 
lives as fully as possible, given the constraints of diabetes. If the turnout 
is good, they'll split-up into sub-groups by age.
   For your group's purposes, borrowing from Melissa's group, how about 
"Collegians in Control"- since I'd imagine the #1 goal of your group is to do 
the same for the college students: provide support for living a college life 
as fully as possible, without jeopardizing their health by poor 
self-management of their diabetes.
   Maybe one of the 2 local CDEs would be willing to come on campus for your 
first meeting & talk to the students about diabetes care in 1999 ( assuming 
the CDE is "current" with pump therapy, etc). I just got a phone call from a 
local mom who'd been contacted by an 18 yr old who'd just moved here from 
Mississippi I believe & was instructed that checking herself twice a day 
would be fine! So, if you've got students who have been told comparable 
misinformation, simply teaching them how much better they CAN feel by 
becoming more aware of their body & its fluctuations could be a significant 
    Good luck! What you're attempting to do is a wonderful idea & I wish you 

Regards, Renee ( 16 yr old Melissa's pump-mom/coach)
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