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[IP] carb ratios and popcorn

why has it taken me so long to figure this out?

just for the 'newbies' sake, so they don't spend two months changing BASALS
when all they need to do is change their CARB:RATIO!

if you see your levels suddenly plunge two hours after a meal,    you can
almost be assured that your carb ratio is not correct.  in our case,
geneva's two hour post - meal levels were dipping suddenly and I was
adjusting the basals.
not good...it screwed up my whole plan. I would raise the basals at that
time and then of course, up she went for that particular block of time.

this is all so mathematical and logical but it sure does take some tinkering
to get it right.

        RE:  POPCORN

by the way...geneva ate popcorn yesterday afternoon and wouldn't you know
it, she went up to 314 about two hours later.  she properly bolused for it
(but forgot to do a dual wave since she was at a friend's).     since all of
you have been complaining about this popcorn high  phenomenon,  I was
prepared and didn't 'adjust'.

thanks to those who are enlightening us every second of this whole pumping

mom of geneva, age 10

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