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[IP] wake up target


I have to give you one more BIG thank you for help in our night time > wake
up block of time.

I am sitting on top of the world this early am as for the first time in two
months,  geneva has had a wonderful, even night until this am.  I am so glad
that you suggested going to bed around 100 and gradually going UP rather
than the reverse by am.  I feel so much more relaxed about my 'alarm not
going off',  or being so tired that I just ignore it and missing a test.
since we have her basals set so she goes a bit upward,  I won't worry about
lows.  (this is on days without strenuous exercise, of course).

she has been reading around 140 at 1:00 am and hovers in the 148-152 range
by 5-6 am.  I will tweak a bit by 0.1 to bring those numbers down to the
130-140 range.

as far as the setting temp basals from 'moment she hits the pillow'...I
haven't had to do that yet.  we have her at 1.3 from 8-12 and it has worked
fine because she hasn't had a sleepover or stayed up late yet.  we will go
to this method when this happens.
I am going to set her real basal around 0.9 then, and hope that it won't be
too high. when she hits the  pillow she can then set her temp basal for 2
hours for the 1.3 which seems to work well.  it definitely is that 2 hour
period when she first goes to sleep in which she needs this huge amount of

my only concern with the temp basal is that if she is at someone's house,
she will forget to program it.  I guess it takes doing it all of the time
and getting into the habit?

as you can see by my other post on carb ratios...we noticed geneva going low
(79) right at 8-9 pm (2 hours post dinner)... and of course she panics and
eats 15 carbs.  this was due to her carb ratio being set too high.  once she
goes below 100 she wants to treat. this was totally screwing up my 8-12 pm
block for tweaking.  last night I let her treat but once she went up to bed
I 'snuck' a bolus of 0.2 just to cover 5 of the 15 carbs.  (isn't this pump
great?).  sure enough...we had a great night.

her basal still drops down to 0.2 from midnight until 2 am.

sorry if I have rambled on, but I know if I had read 'testimonials' from
other pumpers and PRINTED THEM OUT for 'future' reference, I would not have
taken so darn long to get where we are today.  so many of these issues are a
common thread for kids who pump.  especially this obnoxious, night time
growth thing.


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