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[IP] College Students..I need your input

I am looking at starting a Diabetes Interest Group on campus at our student 
health service.  I am looking for input in several areas.

1.  A name..Diabetes Interest Group sounds better to me than Diabetes Support 
group for college students.  Any other suggestions?

2.  We have a "sharps disposal" program and can outreach then, and through 
ads in the campus newspaper, flyers in the SHS and in Dorms and Dining halls. 
 Obviously through our clinic.  And I've contacted the local ADA, so he'll 
know if a college student calls.  I plan to contact the area CDE's at our two 
hospitals (only one has a support group and it is geared towards older 
patients at different "crossroads" than my students.)  We have no endo in 
town except for one who spends one day a week in town...so I'll let her know. 
  Other ideas to reach students?

3.  I can address basic information, suggest books, websites, discuss the 
DCCT, address motivation, college stressors, facilitate some speakers, let 
students ventilate frustrations, discuss research, etc.  I have one of the 
meter software programs and may be able to get hold of others and have a 
computer at my disposal.  Suggestions?

4.  I do not have a clinic with 24 hour coverage.  My policy has been to work 
WITH the patients' regular physician in setting up goals for testing, glucose 
and A1c levels and dosage changes.  To address those, I will see the patient 
one on one in the office setting.  We have a large counselling service to 
help if it appears anyone needs their services one on one also.

5.  Timing...I have to just pick something to start..later student schedules 
will decide meeting times.  Would late afternoon, like 5-6 be a time that 
most would be able to make?

6.  I know a lot won't come,  but if I can help even a few get through 
college, better yet, with better contol and knowlege of how to be in control 
of this condition, I'll be satisfied that it was worth the effort.  Any 
comments or suggestion will be worth it.

Thanks in advance...Linda   IDDM 1970  MM506 1993   
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