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[IP] bumper , finding things in deleted messages

The bumper sticker from Darwin Australia was first written to
us by Leanne, in msg1700 on 17 Aug 1999 07:11:23 EDT
Viewable in web-browser as
Found by our recently-added "search" function at
Click on "SEARCH" at the right end of the next to last line
at the bottom of our "Front Page"
Results of a typical search:
Your Search for victimise and pricks, returned 4 Items
1000 [IP] pricks
   cgi/archives/mail-insulin-pumpers/Aug1999/msg01737.html   2836 bytes
807 Re: [IP] diabetes bumper stickers
   cgi/archives/mail-insulin-pumpers/Aug1999/msg01700.html   2978 bytes
807 [IP] Bumper snickers
   cgi/archives/mail-insulin-pumpers/Aug1999/msg01716.html   3016 bytes
807 [IP] I WANT that bumper sticker!
   cgi/archives/mail-insulin-pumpers/Aug1999/msg01749.html   3074 bytes
   Search took 229 milliseconds, 10 milliseconds of processor time.

The other three were replies or comments to msg1700
Leanne in a later message located her sighting to Darwin,
Western Australia.
Lori sanitized the line somewhat for wider distribution today.

David C. Winegarden
Fremont, CA

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