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[IP] Bumper sticker

hmmmmm.....I know the bumper sticker said something about "putting up with
enough pricks." lol
I'm not sure bout the rest though :-/


<<<<<<I am going to have the bumper stickers printed here in Syracuse at a
cost of
about $1.00 each.  The only thing is that I lost the e-mail that had the
original wording, so I cannot remember what it was.  Someone please e-mail
to me. I plan to sell the stickers at cost, plus shipping, plus donation to
the American Diabetes Association. And to make it easier for myself I will
probably have people send two checks, one made to me for the shipping and
sticker, then the second one made out right to the ADA so I can send them
in as a group donation. If you have any other Ideas let me know. I will
probably also include and picture of an insulin needle on the bumper

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