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Subject: [IP] newbie needs help / exercise highs

There are a minority of folks who have a surge of adrenaline at the
beginning of exercise that raises blood sugar, rather than the more common
decrease of blood sugar.  Jenna is one of those kids too.  Before exercise,
she has to bolus (about 0.4 units), and cover it with food, to suppress the
adrenaline response.  I envy Michael and Lilly, who goes so predictably low
with activity that she can just disconnect, by it's another YMMV thing.
Temporary basals are okay, but for kids on a low basal rate, it takes quite
a hike in basal rate to get much more insulin.  After Jenna's initial surge
in sugar with exercise, then she starts using up her sugar and drops later,
so I wouldn't want to have a higher temp basal rate in place for then.

As for camp, that's hard to predict, too.  Jenna had just finished
gymnastics camp, and had to drastically decrease her basals for that.  So I
left them down for diabetes camp.  After the first two days of camp, with
numbers from 250 up almost all the time, the wise camp staff put her basals
back up to normal, and her sugar settled down.  Let her counsellor know your
concerns and odds are real good they'll adjust the basals as needed.

Nancy Morgan, mom of Jenna, age 10

Deborah writes
<<The last
two days Eve's bg #'s have been great, and  in target range. She also has
been a "couch potato" all day. It seems when she is outside running, biking,
swimming, climbing trees, not hard activity just kid stuff her bgs go high.
My theory is that any activity might be bringing her low and the high number
is a rebound. She still can not feel lows. Or my other theory is the
activity is bringing her high. Don't know which. Seems to me more likely the
first theory since her bgs are fine when not active. Should I put on a temp.
basal rate when she goes outside and plays? How much? Eve is going to Camp
Needlepoint (diabetes camp) on Sunday, if a change is needed, should I
change it before camp? Please help.>>

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