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Subject: [IP] school starting for new pumpers

Jenna started back to school 2 weeks ago.  She had a very busy and active
summer, so I figured we'd have to increase basals for school.  But, she's
been hypoglycemic almost every day.  Right now, we're mostly adjusting by
changing carb ratios, but it looks like she's going to drop about 5% on her
overall insulin usage.  This is very much a YMMV thing, and the only way you
can really know what to do is to have her test before breakfast,
mid-morning, lunch, after school, before supper and bed for a little while,
and see where you need to adjust.  I'm not sure anything is predictable in
this disease!

Nancy Morgan

Ruth writes <<since we have stopped swimming and are pretty complacent for
this last few
weeks of summer  (can you tell....we are on the computer constantly!!!)  I
am wondering what percent we should 'decrease' our basals for the new school

is there a start back to school rule of thumb that we should adhere to ?

also...how often should geneva test her blood at school?  every three

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