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Subject: Re: [IP] humalog at room temp

I was at a church picnic when one of Jenna's friends casually remarked that
her pump had run out of insulin several hours earlier at school, and she
didn't have any more insulin with her.  As thoughts of DKA at the picnic
raced through my head, I found a very old (5 or 6 months) vial of Humalog in
Jenna's kit (from shot days - we keep the insulin we use at home, in the
fridge), it had been through heat and cold.  Figuring some insulin was
better than no insulin, I reloaded Elizabeth's cartridge and started
monitoring.  Guess what?  It worked just fine!.  I wouldn't recommend doing
this on purpose, but I think insulin holds up a lot better, opened and under
less than ideal circumstances, than we give it credit for.

Nancy Morgan

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