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Subject: [IP] Forgotten Bolus

Hi Leann,
When Jenna (age 9 then) started pumping, she'd occasionally miss a bolus
while we were getting in the habit, and paid for it usually with 400+ blood
sugars, and all the associated yuckky feelings that go with it.  I thought
that would be its own punishment, but after about a month, she got very
lackadaisical about bolusing, would even ignore me when she was eating  a
snack while I was right next to her and told her what to bolus.  All the
verbal correction was having no impact, so we moved to "consequences", as we
do with both of our kids with discipline.  If she forgot a bolus, she had to
spend the afternoon (after school) in her room, no friends or phone.  It
about killed her, but it only took 2 more missed boluses with consequences,
and she now NEVER misses a bolus.  I hated to resort to it, but it worked.
2 weeks is probably too soon to worry about it yet, as the whole routine is
so new.

Nancy Morgan, mom of Jenna, now 10 years old, and pumping 1 Year (happy
anniversary Jenna) as of next week.

<<I would appreciate anyone's thoughts on a missed bolus.  Alex is still
trying to get in a routine and we have missed a bolus.  ...I know this is a
YMMV but I would
appreciate your thoughts.

mother of Alex(10) pumping 2 weeks.

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