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[IP] Hitting "100"

Bob Blakely wrote:  I strive to hit the magic 100 but(before Rezulin) rarely 

So how about it, how often do those of us striving for that perfect 100 
actually hit it?  I challenge you to keep a journal of those times and report 
back...I'll do the same.  I love that number!  Whenever it happens I give a 
shout and my husband KNOWS what it's about!  Of course he also knows when I 
give that grunt of disgust that it is either 101 or 99.  I have even gone so 
far as to recheck from a different finger to see if I can get it to be 100!!  

So is this an Obsessive compulsive thing, or what?  I don't really care, it 
is fun!

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