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[IP] Pump start jitters

No, it's not what you think, I am nervous because next week I have to
start my first person with diabetes on an insulin pump.  I am a diabetes
nurse educator.  My husband has been using the 507 for the past 10
months with great success.  Watching this metamorphosis; being freed
from injections and experiencing all the benefits has made me a strong
pump advocate.  I became pump trainer certified about 9 months ago.  I
am a community nurse, I organize an outreach diabetes education
program.  Because I am not affiliated with any hospitals, there were
also no pump candidates referred.  The four hospitals in the area do not
offer pump starts and people have to travel out of town.
Finally, a referral came from a doctor in  a neighbouring community.
The woman I am to work with has bought her pump and we are to start next
I would like to know if you had any experience that you think was
positive about your pump start, or conversely, if there was something
that happened that I should avoid.  I only have my husband's start to
compare it to, he was started at a hospital 2 hours away from our home
and came home on the train wearing it.  He adjusted well to the
Any advice would be appreciated.

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