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[IP] Re: More on insulin @ room temp

Well Dianne, like everything else, the people in charge are covering their
legal asses.  Yes insulin will keep longer at 40 degrees than 80, so why
risk getting sued, even if we know it is stable at 80 for 3 months?   Sort
of like why they keep recommending that you wash your hands with soap and
water before testing your BG.  Ha, now who does that any more,  or even
changing to a new lancet for each finger poke.  Cleanliness may be next to
godliness, but god doesn't have diabetes!!!  Last year, when I heard and
saw the research that said that there were no adverse effects at all of
injecting insulin through clothing, with no washing of either clothing or
skin,  I knew we all had been hoodwinked for so many years.   *S*

>Years ago when I was hitchiking through Guatemala (and carrying glass
>insulin syringes around in alcohol tubes{a luxury item at the time} I was
>not using Humalog LOL but NPH which is of course, more stable, but it was
>NOT recommended in the USA to have it out of the fridge for more than 1/2
>hour.  Well, at that time, 1972, I had decided to carry it with me anyway-
>3 months in the tropics and NO LOSS of potency - although at that time I
>thought it would become toxic not just 'lose power'- nobody told me WHY I
>'should' refridgerate it, I was just told not to- end of story.  Five
>years before, while working on an all 'girl' crew down the coast of
>Mexico, I kept my insulin refridgerated until the refer blew out and then
>I kept it in the refer at a local hotel - where they froze it solid!
>After that I kept it with me always-  back ups still go in the fridge, but
>I don't like being separated from my Humalog for long and have never had
>any issues with it losing potency or anything e!

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