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Re: [IP] 2 hours pp

Robin, there's a lot of variability among subjects regarding the time for
complete absorption of a bolus of H.  I too think that if anyone is back to
premeal at 2 h, then they will likely go too low next hour.  3-4 h for
complete absorption is not at all unusual,especially if the bolus is
relatively large.  Remember too, the absorption of inusulin is slower the
bigger the bolus.  This is well known, but often not talked much about.
Many of the original clinical studies were done with small boluses.  I
don't have any specific information on this, but I would bet that if you
took a 2 U bolus, it might indeed by largely absorbed in 2.5 hours, but if
you took an 8 U bolus, it will surely take 4 h or more for complete
absorption.   This is true even for injected boluses.   You have the data
for Kevin.  Trust that,and don't listen if anyone tells you different *S*
Here's a case where your endo is being smart.

>>>>>>>>>Does anyone else take 3-4 hours for your bg to come back down? I
>>>>>>>>>have said
this in the past, but he takes closer to 4 hours to get back down to
pre-meal. IF we correct or bolus more, he goes low in 3 hours...so we have
just been happy with the 3-4 hours. Endo doesnt seem concerned and said just
dont test before the 4 hours or correct for that matter. BUT I hear so many
saying they are back after 2 hours...so I'm wondering if we should be
concerned at all.
In all the basal testing we have done, we've prove it time and time again,
that at 3.5-4 hours he is normal again. If I test at 3 hours, he is about
40-60pts above normal range. Weird.
Please let me know if anyone else has this phenomenon. Thanks
Robin   Mom of Kevin>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

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