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Re: [IP] 2 hours pp

I did this before I started pumping and in the beginning we found my boluses
were off.  Maybe he doesn't react the same as others.  If the doctor is worried
and he isn't feeling bad I don't think I would worry either.  It can also depend
on what he is eating.

email @ redacted wrote:
> Does anyone else take 3-4 hours for your bg to come back down? I have said
> this in the past, but he takes closer to 4 hours to get back down to
> pre-meal. IF we correct or bolus more, he goes low in 3 hours...so we have
> just been happy with the 3-4 hours. Endo doesnt seem concerned and said just
> dont test before the 4 hours or correct for that matter. BUT I hear so many
> saying they are back after 2 hours...so I'm wondering if we should be
> concerned at all.
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