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Re: [IP] humalog at room temp

I leave my humalog (vial) out until it is used, of course I use about a bottle a
week.  (Yes, I know that is alot but that is what my body requires and no I'm
not eating 1000's of carbs)  I have never had any trouble.  If Im going to be in
90+ weather all day then the extra insulin I take with me is usually put in my
carrier with a cold pack.  If it is just for a hour or so I don't bother.  I
carry a humalog pen in my purse for emergencies and it is never refrigerated. 
If used I throw the rest away after 30 days.  I haven't had any problems with my
humalog including while on vacation to Southern Florida. 

Ruth Schneider wrote:
> so does everyone keep the vial in fridge until ready to do site change?
> or can i keep the vial in my drawer for one month?
> I always forget to pull it out on site change day.  can I warm to room temp
> by putting in a mug of warm water?
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