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[IP] RE: Chronic Illness Attitude

Ask any kid with diabetes, and I bet they don't consider themselves having
an "illness."  It's just something they live with.  My son has given this
advice any time he gets a chance: Don't let diabetes prevent you from doing
any thing you want.  If you take care of yourself, you are perfectly normal.
He has done good things as far as making friends, teachers, and coaches
comfortable with his "cable" as he calls his pump.  He's in high school and
has had the same classmates for years, but nobody considers him someone with
an illness.  The pump, naturally, allows him the flexibility to live more
easily with a normally hectic schedule.

As a parent, I consider him as having a chronic "condition."  He also has
other chronic conditions, like asthma, migraines, and ear infections.  Would
asthmatic children or those with glasses or hearing aids be included in a
group of children with chronic illnesses?  Maybe they could give the group
an attractive name so the kids wouldn't get the feeling they are "sick."
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