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Re: [IP] Being wary of over-generalizations

At 09:01 PM 8/19/99 -0800, you wrote:
>email @ redacted wrote:
>>I think aiming for an A1c of under 6.0 is a sign of an extremely disturbed 
>> individual.

Amazing!!  It requires an extremely disturbed individual to attempt good
control and (hopefully) reduce complications.

Is an A1C of 6.0 impossible?  Not for some, others can use it as a target.
You can aim for a target but seldom hit it.  That is what targets are for,
to strive for improvement.  To provide a goal.
Seems to me that there is a bit of hyperbole here.  Distorting meaning by
using inflammatory words; or words that just never were said.

I also struggle for better control.  I strive to hit the magic 100 but
(before Rezulin) rarely did.  I have had lows, I have had unwanted highs.
It goes with my type of diabetes.  I have tried to learn something in the
last 20 years.  The DCCT snapped it all into focus.

We are different and (like it or not) we all have different control
parameters.  Inappropriate generalities and personal criticism directed at
another list member merely shows intolerance for differing views or facts.

Bob Blakely
email @ redacted 
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