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Re: [IP] (no subject)


All of your experience and training should speak for
itself.  After all, it is said that "experience is the best
teacher."  Don't sell yourself short.  You have some
admirable credentials listed on the site.

IMHO the advice you have dispensed on this list has been

Have a nice day!


--- email @ redacted wrote:
>  <<The medical information I am familiar
> with does not offer such high overshoot.  Good control
> should always be
> much less than you suggest.  I think some good references
> are in order.
> Bob Blakely>>
> Since I do not have current access to medical references,
> why don't we all 
> just ignore what I said. When I have access, then I will
> look it up and 
> report back, even if it means I have to correct what I
> said. How's that?
> Bar ara B.

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