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[IP] temperature of strips

I just recieved a 3 month supply of strips, lancets, and insulin from my mail order pharmacy.  This is the first time I have dealt with them, though my mom get my bro's supplies there too.  They send insulin via UPS, in an insulated box with an ice pack, right to your door.  The other supplies they send via regular mail.  I have a problem with my testing strips being left in a mailbox all day, in the Florida sunshine where temps can go over 100.  On the side of the box it says not to let them go over 90 degrees.  Am I just being paranoid?  What happens to them if they get too hot for too long?  This time they could have only been waiting for half an hour at the most, but what about days when nobody gets home until 5 and the mail gets there before noon?  What should I do?