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[IP] Being wary of over-generalizations

email @ redacted wrote:
>   I think aiming for an A1c of under 6.0 is a sign of an extremely disturbed 
> individual.  That said, I would never for ONE SECOND deny one his
> or her right to obsess over blood sugars like this, but would remind everyone
> that there are NO studies that show that this type of control eliminates
> complications.  And in fact, lots of lows tend to aggravate some of the
> complications.  If you have the right gene combinations, you WILL get
> them...maybe not for 40 or 50 years, and you'll be almost dead then anyway,
> but why live in a rubber room, eating nothing but 15 carb chunks of 1975 ADA
> approved foods in that attempt???  It is IMPOSSIBLE to have blood sugars
> ALWAYS between 80 and 130, 24/7, without herculean efforts that would 
> drive most normal people crazy in less than a week!  Sure you might get your 
> A1c down to 5.7 the first 3 months on the pump, but will you be able to keep up
> the required diligence for the REST of your LIFE???

Well, I didn't know I was extremely disturbed, and to think I stopped
going to psychotherapy because I couldn't think of any problems to
discuss with the psychologist!!!!!  :) :) :)

An A1c below 6.0 doesn't necessarily mean a person is having a lot of
lows, and there is much about complications that hasn't been quantified
nearly so exactly -- my friend Ann is experiencing neuropathy despite
never ever having had an A1c above 6.6 -- and she's only had diabetes
for about 8 years now. 

In order to keep my A1c above 6.0, I have to struggle mightily to never
let my BG go below 100 at any time -- alas, I find this too much work,
and so, lazy fool that I am, I even see 80's and 90's on my meter. Even
occasionally a number in the 70's. And maybe once or twice a year, a
number in the 50's or 60's.

Of course, an A1c is not nearly as exact and absolute a number as some
seem to think -- my 5's are probably equivalent to someone else's 6's
and 7's. 

But I sure wouldn't generalize my numbers to anyone else! 


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