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Re: [IP] new book about diabetes

On 19 Aug 99, at 19:22, lmh wrote:
> Anyone hear the interview on NPR Thursday with Lisa Roney, the author of
> a new book on diabetes? It's called "Sweet Invisible Body", and it
> sounds like a good one. She was diagnosed at age 12 in the early 70s
> with insulin-dependent diabetes, and the book's basically an
> autobiography on her life with the disease. 

Yes, and I started to think that she was a member here, well, 
maybe she ought to be.  ;>)     Her book did sound like a good 
read, no matter what your frame of mind is right now  (just wanted 
to disassociate it from the other book you mentioned, Lisa H.)  A 
reader wrote about the book:  "Thank you Lisa Roney for making 
those of us with type I juvenile diabetes feel like people again 
instead of a statistic!! - I have to say reading this book has made 
me feel less alone.  Your writing and honesty is very real."   

Maybe destined for "Oprah's List"

George Lovelace

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