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[IP] Medic Alert & infusion sites

First of all, I want to thank everyone for all their postings about 
Medic-Alert.  I have had a Medic-Alert necklace since 1982 when I was dx'd, 
and your posts motivated me to check with the company and make sure I have a 
lifetime membership--which I do--and discover that I need to update the 
physician & contact info they have for me--it's over 17 years old!

I am not on a pump yet but am wearing a "loaner" pump to see if I would like 
it and could deal with it.  In many ways it has convinced me to go ahead and  
do it, but I changed my infusion site for the first time on my own tonight, 
and had some trouble getting the needle from the infusion set to go in at 
first.  I'm a little concerned it's not in--how would I know, and has anyone 
else ever experienced this?
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