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Re: RE: [IP]Attn: Guys and Hormones!

Dear Pumpers & Friends,
      Yes!!!!  I do not need to record for a month or two, I have over 20yrs. of data. For me its not so much ones a month but every six weeks and every season. At six weeks or so for two or three days I need about 30% more insulin then things go back to normal.(I think growing up with 15 female cousins and 2sisters messed me up) Then every 3 months -season,  I have a base line change in basal rates up/down 25%. The change last for about 90 days with about 5 days to set things up. If they both happen at the same time I'm just messed up for about a week. Hope this helps so remember to.........
guys experience rollar coaster or at least some sort of changes throughout the month and we are wondering if you could have some subtle hormonal changes during a month
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