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[IP] RE: PTCA or bypass ?

Hey Gang,
    Just got out of the hospital again. Had to go through another round of
PTCA. Yup, heart catherization. The doctor wanted to see why I was having so
much angina lately and what do you suppose was causing it? LOL. Three more
vessels with 95% stenosis (sp?) and 8 or more with 65 to 85% blocked.
    I watch what I eat. I may not adhere to a real strict "fat free" diet
but I do watch the amount of saturated fat and like that. My opinion. . .
Once you have heart disease off to a running start like I did in 95 when I
had all the heart attacks and surgeries just hang on.
    The doctor told me while I was on the operating table "I can't decide if
I want to do what I can with the balloon or open you up?" To which I
replied, "As long as you have options we will do the PTCA." I was told by an
older and in my opinion, a wiser heart doctor to put off the bypass until
you have no other options." Reason being, that a patient without diabetes
can generally expect 10 to 12 years after bypass surgery. A patient with
years of IDDM behind them can expect half of that. Second, the mortality
rate for diabetics having a second bypass is threefold of non-diabetics.
    The procedure is much less traumatic now than in 95 too! They now stitch
the femoral artery closed so you don't have to stay "clamped" to the bed for
two hours and then perfectly still for 8 hours with a sandbag on your groin.
I was sitting up on the side of the bed in a couple of hours.
    I also told them when being admitted I would be responsible for my
diabetes and testing my bg's. I went in with a 151 bg. I Told them I wanted
no IV's glucose based and they assured me there would be none! They would
make sure they would use "normal saline". Ca Ca! I came out of surgery and
before I knew it my bg's were rising. In a couple of hours they were 250. I
looked closer at the IV they had on me, a nitro drip, was DEXTROSE base. You
would think that we could find some hospital employees somewhere with some
common horse sense? Watch your butt! LOL
    Good luck to all.

Love ya all!

Buddy Barber
email @ redacted
To feel any better I would have to be twins!

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