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[IP] FastTake Info.

Hello everyone,

I have often seen comment here on IP about the differences with the results
from a FastTake meter when compared with others. As other have often said
it's because the FastTake, (& SureStep) reads Plasma and not Whole Blood.

Anyway, today in the mail arrived from Lifescan, a "Glucose Test Result
Converter", that is conversion between Whole Blood and Plasma test results.
I guess it came in response to my call to Lifescan about my FastTake failing
on Wednesday. 

So, if anyone needs one of these simple to use 'converters' I'm sure
Lifescan will provide one if you call - it's about 8" diameter and has a
"Clinical Accuracy Range Calculator" on the other side.

Lifescan (800) 227-8862

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