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[IP] MM507C A-35 Alarm, MM Service, New Blue Pump, and Color of Pump

  So during the weekend when changing out a set I get a A-35 alarm.  Which 
means that the lead Screw is not functioning right, I cleared the alarm, and 
thought that maybe it was dust, or gunk.  I brushed it out and everything 
seemed to be working alright.  Until I started having unexplained highs...  
So I call Mini Med today, they have me conduct a 7.2 Bolus screw test (huh) 
and it seems to be fine, but since I had the alarm they offer to have me send 
it back, which I already have done once when the screens were skipping.  (I 
had the loner for like 3 months and I thought, why am I having them send it 
back?  Was pointless, but since I already had asked for it back I figured why 
try to undo it.)  So this time I said I would keep the loner one, and asked 
for a Blue one.  They were happy to oblidge me and the guy was really helpful 
and very nice, and the loner/new pump will be here in the morning.  I guess 
this would be the time when the back up pump would come in handy... Oh Wel.  
So for all those people who thought the color of the pump Post was pointless 
and a waste of time, I will add my 2 cents worth, and say that it made me 
think twice about the color I chose, and why I chose it.  Which was Charcoal 
Grey, and because I didn't want people to know I had it.  Well my view has 
completely changed, and I can say this list had some to do with it, because I 
used to feel really alone and ashamed of this rotten disease.  Now I kind of 
feel differently (still think its rotten)not so alone and I want a Blue one, 
and I don't care if people ask me what it is.
Bla Bla Bla.
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