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[IP] new book about diabetes

Anyone hear the interview on NPR Thursday with Lisa Roney, the author of
a new book on diabetes? It's called "Sweet Invisible Body", and it
sounds like a good one. She was diagnosed at age 12 in the early 70s
with insulin-dependent diabetes, and the book's basically an
autobiography on her life with the disease. 

Another book I've read lately on people dealing with their diabetes is
called "Needles" by Andie Dominick. This one's a bit rough
emotionally--a diabetic herself, she lost her older sister to diabetes,
and is currently going through retinopathy. For me, it was an honest
glimpse into someone else's life with diabetes and pretty helpful, but
it can get depressing in parts, so if you're going through a rocky
period with your disease you might want to put off reading it.

Lisa H.
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