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Re: [IP] Re: Popcorn Contest

Hi Kim, my popcorn is popped in a little olive oil then I put something 
called cheddar shake on it.  I will eat a margarine bucket of popcorn and 
give myself 2 units.  Many times lately I will go back and get a little more 
popcorn and take another unit.  When I go to bed I am around 100, but in the 
middle of the night I am about 300.  I will take 3 units.  In the morning 
when I get up I am still high.  This only happens when I eat popcorn.  I have 
never done the dual wave bolus because I don't want to not be able to eat 
during the time that it is going on so I just do the different boluses 
myself.  I am almost afraid to do the dual wave at night.  I may do it and 
just set my clock to make sure that I am still around.  I have to work 
something out because I really enjoy popcorn and right now I am craving 
it---maybe because I am thinking maybe I should stop eating it. 

My book says the carb for:
air popped   3 cups = 18carbs
microwaved, butter flavor jolly Time  3 cups = 18
Microwaved, butter flavor Planters   3 cups = 13 carbs
Microwaved, cheese, Jolly Time      3 cups = 17 carbs 
mocrowaved, plain Jolly Time  3 cups = 15 carbs
                            Pillsbury Original 3 cups = 20 carbs
Packaged pre-popped
         cheese, Smartfood 1 oz = 14 carbs
         plain, Frito-Lay       1 oz = 18 carbs
         sugar coated, Cracker Jacks 1 oz = 22 carbs

I am fairly new to pumping also.  I started in March. I don't understand why 
all diabetics aren't on it.  This afternoon I met a woman who has had a liver 
transplant and is diabetic.  She takes on long acting in the morning.  She 
was supposed to take one at night, but doesn't.  She says that she does not 
have good control.  Can't imagine why.  She doesn't go to an Endo--just her 
liver Dr.  Why he doesn't send her to an Endo or do something himself I will 
never know.  I talked about the pump with her.  She said she was going to say 
something to her Dr., but who knows.   

Good Luck Pumping
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