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Re: [IP] Research Study: Interruption of CSII (lispro v humalog)

> The problem is that some kids sleep 10 or more hours per night and
> this research only tested for 5 hours.   So I wouldn't stick this
> article under the nose of a pump-reluctant ped endo. 

I doubt there is a kid (or anyone) with diabetes that could not pee 
for 10 hours if their insulin were withdrawn. For DKA you must have 3 

1) high bg's
2) dehydration
3) keytones

The circumstance would have to be very unusual for a pump failure 
alone to cause all three of the above. If the person were ill and 
dehydrated or if keytones and high bg's were there for some other 
reason then it could happen, but a person in that condition should be 
watched carefully in any event.

I'm of the opinion that the reluctance to use a pump or a pump with 
Humalog because of the reason is not based on any scientific 
underpinnings, just old wives tales.

What the study shows is that under normal circumstances, the risk of 
elevated bg's due to insulin interruption is no different on lispro 
than it is on regular insulin. This is in contradiction to the 
arguments put forth by some endos (as related on this list) about not 
using lispro in pumps.

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