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[IP] site corruption

Bob wrote:

> It seems to me that site corruption is a major problem for 
> pumpers. 

nahhh...not for me, and I use my sites up to 5 or 6 days - ohhhh I am sooooo 
bad....so far I have never had an infected site and I don't get bump pumps.  
I use alcohol and bard skin prep only...no other antiseptic...I usually do my 
changes AFER a shower...except those pesky 3 am changes when I've been 
over-exuberant in my sleepgymnastics....My only problem is the big black 
rings on my body...I wear a lot of black and the fuzz from my clothes tends 
to outline my previous spot for a couple of days...and YES I do bathe 

I don;t change my site until it is either about to fall off, painful or 
tender to the touch (very rare) or if I have 2 unexplainable highs in a 
row...also rare, as most of my highs are explainable due to HUMAN error or 

age 36, dxed age 10, pumping 6 1/2 years MM507
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