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[IP] in defense of Barb

someone wrote:

> I would be most interested in exactly where you got that information.
> Where was it published.  What medical journal has printed it.  In what
> year, month, issue does it appear?  I think some good references are 
> in order.

I think an apology is in order.  I know I can't hear your "tone" of voice, 
but the words sound agressive, challenging and almost mean!  Barb is a 
registered nurse with DECADES worth of experiece.  I am quite comfortable 
with any statistic, number or suggestion she would make.  I don't think she 
would pull things out of her butt, like I and others tend to do.  She knows 
her stuff, and I felt the tone of this post was kinda challenging, like she 
ws bullsh*ting us...Just cuz the "average" is 80-130, doesn't mean there 
aren't maybe 20-40% of the "normal" population who have swings of 100-180!

> Good control should always be much less than you suggest. 

I disagree with this.  Aren't we lucky this is America and I can freely voice 
my opinion?  I think aiming for an A1c of under 6.0 is a sign of an extremely 
disturbed individual.  That said, I would never for ONE SECOND deny one his 
or her right to obsess over blood sugars like this, but would remind everyone 
that there are NO studies that show that this type of control eliminates 
complications.  And in fact, lots of lows tend to aggravate some of the 
complications.  If you have the right gene combinations, you WILL get 
them...maybe not for 40 or 50 years, and you'll be almost dead then anyway, 
but why live in a rubber room, eating nothing but 15 carb chunks of 1975 ADA 
approved foods in that attempt???  It is IMPOSSIBLE to have blood sugars 
ALWAYS between 80 and 130, 24/7, without herculean efforts that would drive 
most normal people crazy in less than a week!  Sure you might get your A1c 
down to 5.7 the first 3 months on the pump, but will you be able to keep up 
the required diligence for the REST of your LIFE??? 

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