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[IP] getting CLOSE with night time basals

well, last night was the first time that we had OK levels between the hours
of around
1 am and 10 am.  (silent applause)

geneva went to bed at 9 pm and was immediately asleep.  her level, after a
pasta dinner was 214 and I decided to leave alone.
one hour later, at 10 pm, she went up to 299!  (this is that time when as
soon as her head hits the pillow she goes up to the moon.)

4 - 7 pm            0.5
8 - 12 mid.        1.3
12 mid - 3 am    0.2
4 am - 11 am     0.7

when I saw the 299, I got aggressive and gave her a corrective bolus of 2
units which should bring her down 200 points to that nice bedtime goal of

now..the fudgy part is that my alarm did NOT go off at 1 am when I was going
to check to see how well the correction worked.   did not wake up until 4:30
and she was a nice 141.

6:30 am...152
10:00 am  140  (we slept late this am)

so I am going to assume that her correction bolus worked and that her basals
are ok for the time period of 1 am until the morning, right?????

so...my next step is to repeat last night exactly,  maybe give her cereal
for dinner as a carb with her meat/fat and put her to bed at 9 PM again.
this would eliminate the possibility that the pasta was spiking her at 10
pm? (although my other theory is that perhaps her carb ratio should be

I am definitely going to start correcting her to 100 at bedtime.  still
working on setting this temp basal thing, michael.  although last night
seemed to be fine with her basals set at 1.3.  I would imagine things would
change if she had an active day.

at least I can see what the 1.3 does and can use that as our highest temp
basal rate.

well another day, another basal adjustment or two, or three...we are getting
close.  the days are good and this makes me feel better about school

of course, as soon as geneva starts growing again...whoa!

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