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[IP] More on insulin @ room temp

Years ago when I was hitchiking through Guatemala (and carrying glass insulin syringes around in alcohol tubes{a luxury item at the time} I was not using Humalog LOL but NPH which is of course, more stable, but it was NOT recommended in the USA to have it out of the fridge for more than 1/2 hour.  Well, at that time, 1972, I had decided to carry it with me anyway- 3 months in the tropics and NO LOSS of potency - although at that time I thought it would become toxic not just 'lose power'- nobody told me WHY I 'should' refridgerate it, I was just told not to- end of story.  Five years before, while working on an all 'girl' crew down the coast of Mexico, I kept my insulin refridgerated until the refer blew out and then I kept it in the refer at a local hotel - where they froze it solid!  After that I kept it with me always-  back ups still go in the fridge, but I don't like being separated from my Humalog for long and have never had any issues with it losing potency or anything e!

Obviously YMMV  BUT, I wonder why it never occured to those 'bad' docs out there that the reason they find so many of us 'bad' non-compliant diabetics is because they perpetuate so much inaccurate information.  Thirty years later and they're still doing it.  Some people, unlike me LOL, never learn.

Dianne  (Sara you can safely skip the rest of the messages below ;-)

 ---- On Aug 19 email @ redacted wrote: 
> Jen, I totally agree with you and your experiences.   Before pumping I used
> to use H for occasioal boluses, and one bottle lasted for 4- 6 months on my
> bedside table, never refrigerated.   Now with the pump, a full syringe
> lasts about 2 weeks for me, with the tubing close to my bod, and lying on
> it at night.  I have never noticed any problem at the end of the 2 weeks
> with potency loss.  Even so, with testing by drug companies, they are
> concerned about any potency loss they can measure(as little as a few
> percent), but even if the potency of insulin went down by as much as 10%,
> there's not any pumper alive who would notice any difference.  The argument
> about keeping insulin refrigerated gets highly overheated. :-)
> -wayne
> > Maybe so with NPH, but not with Humalog which is what most people use in
> >pumps.
> > Humalog really needs to be kept refrigerated except when it's in
> > the pump syringe so that it will last for more than 2.5 days.
> > Ted Quick
> > email @ redacted
> <<<<<<<<Ted,
> I absolutely disagree.  I have been using the pump for almost 4 years,
> first w/Velosulin and, for the past 6 months, with Humalog.  I keep the
> Humalog in my purse for a month, and I have not had any problems with it,
> despite an unusually hot Maryland summer.  I use straight Humalog, and my
> sets last 3-4 days.  So. . . while I realize that everyone has a bit
> different experience with insulin and sets, I am not at all convinced that
> it has anything to do with heat.
> Jen>>>>>>>>>>
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