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Re: [IP] "Site degradation"

> 1.  What is the specific cause for the elevated BG involved with
> site corruption?
There have been no studies on this subject, all the evidence is 
ancedotal at this point

>  Could the site be leaking?  

> Could it be an immune
> system response?  
Probably, but not a general response, only to the irritation at the 

> Does site corruption always accompany redness or
> local puffiness?
With some people, but not like an infection

> 2.  Is a particular insulin/combination of insulin more apt to
> produce site corruption?  What is the mechanism?  Is allergic
> reaction involved?
> 3.  Are there any measures that will reduce or eliminate site
> corruption (cleanliness, a particular cleanser, a particular
> dressing, a particular infusion set?)
Based on what is known, no
> 4.  Is it possible that site corruption will have an effect on
Until the site is changed - the resistance appears to be due to a 
lack of absorbtion at the site

The symptoms are identical to what happens if you get a bleed at the 
site and continue to pump insulin into the damaged area. i.e. no or 
poor absorbtion

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