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[IP] help with what to do first

Kevin had a flat basal rate before camp of .4 all day...bgs were marvelous. 
Since then we have tinkered with it over the last two weeks.....

He was also in the middle of what we thought was a growth spurt. Obviously he 
was cuz he has grown 6" in 2 months! Unbelievable. He stayed the same weight 
, but grew!  Now we are concerned because his #'s are all over. He had a cold 
at first, so we thought it was because of THAT, but now I think it is because 
he is done with this spurt.

I started basal testing this am, but after 3.5 hours (from breakfast) he was 
230! So, we decided to change his am bolus from 15:1 down to 12:1 like all 
his other meals...and restart tomorrow.  (I know I should lower it only by 
one...but I'm going for consistency) I'm doing basal testing on his afternoon 
now. (I hope)  

Is it better to put the basals at the same level (ie. .5) for the time I'm 
testing and then up it or lower it....because it changes part way thru the 
day NOW from .6 to .4. 

I would love to have it all set before school. I know it may change then too.

Thanks for the help.

Mom of Kevin, 11,dx 12/98
pumping since 5/99
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