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Re: [IP] Re:insulin @ room temp

Jen, I totally agree with you and your experiences.   Before pumping I used
to use H for occasioal boluses, and one bottle lasted for 4- 6 months on my
bedside table, never refrigerated.   Now with the pump, a full syringe
lasts about 2 weeks for me, with the tubing close to my bod, and lying on
it at night.  I have never noticed any problem at the end of the 2 weeks
with potency loss.  Even so, with testing by drug companies, they are
concerned about any potency loss they can measure(as little as a few
percent), but even if the potency of insulin went down by as much as 10%,
there's not any pumper alive who would notice any difference.  The argument
about keeping insulin refrigerated gets highly overheated. :-)

> Maybe so with NPH, but not with Humalog which is what most people use in
> Humalog really needs to be kept refrigerated except when it's in
> the pump syringe so that it will last for more than 2.5 days.
> Ted Quick
> email @ redacted

I absolutely disagree.  I have been using the pump for almost 4 years,
first w/Velosulin and, for the past 6 months, with Humalog.  I keep the
Humalog in my purse for a month, and I have not had any problems with it,
despite an unusually hot Maryland summer.  I use straight Humalog, and my
sets last 3-4 days.  So. . . while I realize that everyone has a bit
different experience with insulin and sets, I am not at all convinced that
it has anything to do with heat.

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