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Re: [IP] Re:insulin @ room temp

Jen Woodall wrote:
> I have been using the pump for almost 4 years, first w/Velosulin and, for the 
>past 6 months, with Humalog.  I keep the Humalog in my purse for a month, 
>and I have not had any problems with it, despite an unusually hot Maryland 
>summer.  I use straight Humalog, and my sets last 3-4 days.  So. . . while I 
>realize that everyone has a bit different experience with insulin and sets, I am 
>not at all convinced that it has anything to do with heat.

(I'm back!)

I ran around Eastern Europe for a month with no airconditioning and in
hot and humid conditions, and had no trouble with a vial of
unrefrigerated Humalog. (The BG swings from problems with diarrhea and
fever were another story!)

I keep on wondering whether the people who say Humalog goes bad in the
pump after a few days are actually experiencing site deterioration.  

Most noticeable advantage of the pump was Romanian dinners -- 3 hours
sitting at a table wondering what was going to come next -- maybe in 10
minutes, maybe in 45 minutes -- maybe edible, maybe not (!) -- maybe
carb, maybe fat and protein, maybe vegetable, who knew??!!

I had exactly NO problem with airport security -- but it was interesting
that, because this was an international group tour, some of my fellow
travelers noticed that I was monkeying around with this little machine
and wanted to know what it was for.

Hence my very first experience with the diabetes police -- there was an
elderly dermatologist on the trip -- everyone knows that doctors know
everything, no? -- and when I was having  fever and diarrhea (lasted 3
days! :(  ), and really couldn't eat anything, I bought some regular
coke to sip, and he told me that I had no right to drink coke -- even
after I explained to him what I was doing, he still insisted. 

I know he intended well -- but his medical training was probably from
the 1950's at the latest! Good thing I'm not easily irritated!

Also, the day when I was really sick, and slept on the bus instead of
getting off at the stops, one of the men was worried that I might be in
a diabetic coma! Actually, his worry wasn't unrealistic, but I assured
him that I was just sleeping, not unconscious, and that I was monitoring
BGs, and they were OK. 

I finally figured out that the reason I'd never met the diabetes police
before is that when I'm sick at home I take care of myself -- I live
alone, and so no one has ever seen me sick!

Anyhow, it really WAS an interesting trip -- if I had tried to do it on
shots, I don't think I would have done nearly as well. 

One of the results of traveling in that area of the world (Poland,
Germany, Romania and Hungary) was that I'm once again VERY grateful to
be living in the U.S. -- we take so much for granted here! The people of
those countries were charming and hospitable, and the scenery is
beautiful -- green mountains and wide valleys and magnificent churches
-- but there is so much the people lack -- in Romania, many farmers
still farm by hand with scythes and wooden rakes and hoes -- and
transport their hay in horse-drawn wagons, and walk their cows to the
fields and back again -- no wonder the agricultural productivity is low,
and the people are so poor!

I enjoyed the music and dancing that was presented in the hotels, and
the food was an adventure -- can't say I could live on it, but it was
graciously offered! The reason is that they eat meat, potatoes, cabbage,
meat, tomatoes, potatoes, yogurt, and meat, and drink very salty mineral
water, strong coffee or beer. I'm not at all concerned about low-fat
eating, in general, but the amount of meat, mostly ham and sausages, was
too much even for me!

Anyhow, glad to be back -- now I gotta go back to work on catching up on
my mail and bills and house-cleaning!!

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