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[IP] carbs are not equal

Gianna wrote:

>  I disagree...that a carb is a carb is a carb.....there is no way that 
> enough insulin can get into your bloodstream quickly enough to 
> counteract really fast acting carbohydrates.  

Yes, there is, and that is why people, BEFORE humalog came around, had to 
bolus for their meal (either with the pump or by injection) 1/2 hour to an 
hour before they ate.  It takes that long for the insulin to start having an 
affect on the fast acting carbs.  Some people don't have to bolus that far in 
advance as they have a very quick response to the insulin.  There are some 
people here that bolus with Humalog AFTER they eat because the insulin gets 
to work so quick on them

If you are going to eat cotton candy or something else that is pure sugar, or 
something with a really high glycemic index, like a potato, most people will 
have to bolus well in advance of ingesting it, to make sure the insulin is on 
board and to avoid a high later...if you take the insulin too close to 
actually eating, the peak of the insulin won't happen until AFTER the peak of 
the food, 

> if you ate something that wasn't pure sugar it would be absorbed 
> more slowly and the insulin would have more chance to work 

Again, you have to consider the glycemic index of foods.  A potato will raise 
your blood sugar higher and faster than an apple.  I do not use the glycemic 
index in my calculations cuz I am not that compulsive, but for those that do, 
it is a good way to make sure you arent' eating foods that throw you out of 
whack.  Did you know it takes table sugar longer to bring up a low blood 
sugar, than say a cracker?  As Michael about this one, but the principle is 
that the sucrose needs to be broken down into its component molecules before 
it can get into your bloodstream, whereas the cracker is quicker.....(and my 
mouth is full of crackers and grape dex tabs right now as I write this, so I 
hope he is right...)

> I just don't want people out there to start eating tons of sugar 
> because they can

As I have said before, in order to even use a pump, you have to possess 
higher than ordinary intelligence anyway - the math and timing calculations 
involved and the emotional flexibility required are not easy or simple, so I 
think it is safe to say no one is gonna run out and eat a "ton" of 
sugar...but we DO have the get rid of the misconception that sugar KILLS.  I 
will be the one doing the killing next time some one looks at me with a 
raised eyebrow as I help myself to a piece of birthday cake, and that 
includes the frosting, thank you very much

whose workouts are down to $4.51!  yah hoo and I have 1 1/2 months left on my 
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