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[IP] 3 hours rule

Ruth asked:

> if you test at 1:00 and 2 hrs. later you are not down as much 
> as you think you should be...you follow this protocol to boost 
> your already given corrective bolus?

I think it depends on the situation.  Say this is 1:00 am and you are in bed 
- then I would say, you HAVE to wait out the full three hours before adding 
more insulin or you may have a crash.  If however it is 1:00 pm and at 3:00 
you are offered a snack and you are high, you have to consider that you still 
have insulin on board.  Should you wait the full 3 hours til you have the 
snack?  No.  just don't correct for the 2 hour high in ADDITION to the new 
insulin you are taking for the snack.

This of course is assuming the 2 hour high is NOT due to a bad site, bad 
insulin, miscalculation of 1:00 bolus or other mechanical failure. 

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