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[IP] insurance

The customer service reps at our insurance company are really beginning to
dislike me and our contract #!!!  As I have posted before Taylor's endo
(after some persuasion) wrote the letter of medical necessity to BC/BS
(right now I won't use the other terms that they stand for).  I also
received a copy of the letter, per my request.  In the letter his endo
stated he really wanted to start Taylor on the pump before school started
(which is in 7 days).  Realistically I don't see it happening, but
nonetheless I am still being a thorn.  They just received the letter on the
12th of August, along with a copy of his chart notes, and I have been told
it is a 7-10 day turn around time.  I politely asked them if they would
please rush it through so we could meet our goal, they told me no they
couldn't do that, but I could call back everyday if I would like to find out
the status of the request.  I haven't gone that far, but I have called every
other day!!  I was told today they put a call in to see if they would rush
it through, apparently they are tired of me already.  Well hopefully they
approve it right away otherwise they will hear a lot more from me.

Keep your fingers crossed for us
Holly (mom to Taylor)

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