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[IP] New pancake syrup with Splenda

I have been waiting for months now for some other products to come out
with the new sugar substitute Splenda (aka sucralose.)  I've tried the
other products - Very Fine juice, and Ocean Spray Lite juice. Yum.
Imagine my excitement when I got a coupon in last weekend's paper for
Log Cabin Sugar-free pancake syrup with Splenda!

I found the product during my weekly expedition to the grocery store. 
Now imagine my dismay when I look at the ingredients to find the
ever-present, multi-toilet trip inducing SORBITOL AND MANNITOL!!!  I am
so peeved. grrrr.  Needless to say, I put it back and I'll just stick to
my Fifty-50 fructose-sweetened syrup - not that it's bad or anything, I
was just hoping for something with lower calories, but still palatable. 
Silly me :(

Nancy - just having to vent my grocery woes.
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