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Re: [IP] inserting a sill.

> > > several people have recommended icing the site with baggie/ice cubes or
> > > using emla.
> > > 
> > > geneva was all set to try  ..sans ice...but at last minute decided she could
> > > not do it.
> > 
> > I'd say skip the ice and emla. I found that if you get a good site,
> > the sil will go in painlessly, a bad site and it hurts pretty bad.
> You're not a kid. Most of them have needle phobia and that is the 
> primary reason for the ice, not the pain.

I'm definately not old at 23. I have a REAL big needle phobia. I just
about panic every time I get blood drawn. The fact is, if I can't feel it
going in because of a pain killer it really weirds me out. 

I'm more of a minimalist really. I'd rather just put it in then have to
wait for the ice or emla to take effect. I'd say try it without it at
first, then go for the emla if there's any problems.


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