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[IP] Pregnancy, Airport security

Let me make my point perfectly clear.... GET A PUMP FIRST!!!
   My first pregnancy was without a pump and I'd be a millionaire if I'd
bought stock in glucagon.  I had hypoglycemic episodes that required
glucagon 3-4 times a week and had 2 shots of it on one day!  My blood
sugars were extremely hard to control the entire time.  I ended up with a
very healthy little girl, but it was a very difficult 8 months.
   I got my pump when she was 5wks old.  Spent the day at the doctor's
office with her in the portacrib and went home to a whole different
   My second prenancy came a short 8 months later and was a breeze! 
Glucose control was much, much easier.  Only 1 glucagon moment... at work
one day.  Another healthy baby and no where near as much anxiety endured
in the process.
   My pump has kept me doing anything and everything and helped me keep
up with my kids, now age 9 and soon to be 8yrs.  We started my son on his
pump 2 wks ago and are fine tuning his rates.  He's a champ and
absolutely loves his pump.  The teachers are very accepting and it is
actually less hassle for him now than it was in the past.  We help him
with carb counting and figuring the math, but he's learning to remember
some of his favorite foods and how much to bolus for them.  
   Just my personal opinion...

   I never have a problem with airport security.  I simply walk right
thru the detector gate with my pump on my waistband.  I hasn't ever set
the thing off.  I occasionally have had one of the officers ask about
it... since at first glance they think it is a beeper, but the second I
pull it off and they see tubing running into my clothing they chill and
wave me on.  I've given impromptu diabetes lectures to a couple also.  
   I don't recommend taking it off and running it thru the xray machine. 
There is a warning about xrays in my minimed manual, so even at work (as
a nurse) when there are xrays being done on recovery room patients... I
get farther away than I'd normally have to to be protected.  When I have
personal xrays done, I always ask for and am readily given a lead glove
and I slide the pump inside it.

Tracy in Nashville, TN
Tracy in Nashville, TN
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