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Re: [IP] Doctors*&^#$%&**

Dear Frustrated,

I understand your situation.  I'm an internal medicine/pediatric intern at
the University of Kentucky.  I just got off a shift where a mom chewed me
out for something I had not done; by the way I am in the emergency room
this month.  To make a long story short, she just needed to vent her
frustrations.  Her kid had a problem that was going to take several weeks
to see results and she was getting impatient with the treatment.  I could
do nothing to satisfy her or make her understand, so I just let her vent.
In your situation I would suggest you making your concern known to your
family doc.  Get him to explain why he did or did not do what he did about
your lower back pain.  I think that's in our job description as physicians:
to teach our patients about what's going on with them.  I would sure want
to know if I were you; at least you could understand why he was doing what
he was doing.


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