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Re: [Re: [IP] retinopathy question ]

email @ redacted wrote:
I have a question...is this only for people who have retinopathy or is it for

any diabetic in general who may develop it?  I missed the first part of the 
question and now I am quite worried this may happen to me ( I have no 
retinopathy).  Thanks, Kelly
 Kelly, if you do not have retinopathy you do not need to worry. As a matter
of fact, my eye Dr said even though I do have retinopathy, with continual
bleeds, I can fly without any fear of causing more damage to my eyes! My first
bleed happened while I was quietly reading a news paper! I have also awaken in
the morning to them. I do think there is a connection to lifting heavy objects
and possible bleeds though. But so far I have been lucky and they do clear out
 with time. I would just suggest that you continue to have dilated eye exams
every 6-12 months, or whatever your Dr. suggests. Take care. Denise 
Dxd 1971
pumping 6/97

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