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[IP] Inserting a Sil

Hi Everyone ~  Just wanted to let you know 'chicken lady' here finally got 
desperate and inserted a Sil.  I brought up the how-to's from the List on my 
computer screen and followed the directions.  And, on top of everything to 
show y'all just how desperate I really was, I used no ice or Emla..actually 
the thought of ice on my tummy was worse than the thought of the Sil!  I am 
so glad I finally found the nerve to do it.  

I like the ease of the Soft-Set, but I don't have the choice of sites like I 
will with the Sil..Thanks to all of you for the encouragement, and to those 
of you still working up the nerve to give it a go, hang in there, keep 
staring at the thing..You can do it, you really can.  Love to all, Joanne Mc  
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