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Re: [IP] re: unused insulin/last time I promise

> Why is the unused insulin rule only used for highs? I thought it
> would also be used for a bolas for a meal even if the BG reading is
> "normal" or even low.  Would you not subtract the unused insulin
> from the Carbo bolus?
No, presumably if the unused insulin were there for a previous snack 
or meal and your bg's are fine then the right amount is there to 
match the remaining food that is digesting.

Consider an exagerated example.

you eat a piece of toast with jam =~ 30 grams and bolus 2 units

30 minutes later you're hungry again and eat another piece of toast 
with jam. Would you test, calculate the unused insulin and only bolus 
the difference or just do another 2 units?? The answer is obvious, of 
course, but is not so obvious say 3 hours later. The rule is the 
same. Unused insulin needs to be taken into account when there is too 
much or too little, not when your just right. It is the differences 
that count.
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