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Re: [IP] Re:insulin @ room temp (humalog)

Michael wrote:
> > > Maybe so with NPH, but not with Humalog which is what most people use in pumps.
> > > Site degradation seems to happen as a result of too much heat, menaing room
> > > temperature. Humalog really needs to be kept refrigerated except when it's in
> > > the pump syringe so that it will last for more than 2.5 days.
> > >
> > > Ted Quick
> > > email @ redacted
> >
> This is mis-information Ted. there have even been a couple of
> published studies on the subject. Please check you facts.

Michael, I find your message confusing. First, since you earlier told me that 
I was wrong because I said that the insulin degraded in my pump (which it DOES),
I've conformed to your aswer at that time that site degradation was the culprit.

NOW you say that this is wrong, based on some uncited studies which I have no
idea how to find. Sorry, but I find it hard to follow your messages, first 
you say 1 thing then you say that can't be rioght, apparently based on the 
same hidden, unknown studies!

So, where do I find these elusive studies?????

I'd like to read something based on reality since you don't follow your 
own reasoning.

If Humalog neither degrades in a pump or causes site degradation how come
it's recommended that people mix Humalog with Velosulin (or Regular)?
Doesn't your daughter use a 5 to 1 mix herself, and if so WHY?

So, please, if I need to check the facts, where ARE they?????

Ted Quick
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