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[IP] Re: Baskin Robbins

THANKS to all who responded to my inquiry about carb counts available at
the Baskin Robbins store <VERY BIG GRIN>!

Next time I am in the Baskin Robbins neighborhood I shall go ahead and
go inside and INDULGE in a Cappuccino Blast!

On carbs again...I recently asked the list IF anyone had subscribed to
the Diabetic Cooking Magazine?  Well my first issue arrived today and I
am impressed!  REGULAR recipes including <gulp> sugar but with the
nutritional breakdowns so I can cook and eat and know the carbohydrate
per serving!!!   Plus...the recipes in the October 1999 issue LOOK

IF you like to cook and have alot of company OR a family to feed...these
are really normal recipes that all would enjoy eating!  I am glad
Publishers Clearing House offered it and I bit!

Becky LaSpina
IDDM since 1957 - Pump since 12/29/98

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